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Dust Suppression Equipment for Sale in Barcelona

On March 28, a customer from Barcelona left a letter on the website, wanting to know the price of the dust suppression equipment and more detailed information. Our sales manager Guo Baoli contacted the customer for the timely, introduced the dust suppression equipment to the customer in detail, and communicated with the customer in-depth and understood the customer’s needs, and finally recommended YG-60 to the customer.

Our company’s sales manager is very professional and always responds quickly to customers’ questions. Therefore, the customer will also completely trust us, and finally, the customer bought 15 YG-60. Customers have feedback that the machine has been put into use, and highly praise our machine and service quality. We will definitely provide more and better machines for everyone.
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  • Model   YG-60
  • Horizontal Range   60m
  • Fog Size   40-200μm
  • Fan Diameter   700mm
  • Fan Length   2.1m
  • Voltage   380V
  • Fan Power   18.5kw
  • Water Pump Power   5.5kw
  • Dimension   1800*1200*2200mm

The Dust Suppression Equipment is mainly composed of five main parts: plastic spray gun body, distribution box, fan, water pump, nozzle, and so on. The water is pressurized by the high pressure of the water pump, and the atomization equipment passes through the nozzle to atomize the water, and the water particles that are scattered out are blown out by the fan to achieve the effect of dust reduction. Good atomization effect, uniform spraying, low power, high working efficiency, can atomize water into 30um-200um water mist particles, spray evenly, will not cause the phenomenon of water accumulation.

Instructions for use:

1. Idle for a long time, anti-rust treatment should be done before using it again.
2. When not in use, clean the inner and outer surfaces of the machine and park in a ventilated place.
3. Only allow high-speed operation for a short time, Can’t idling at high speed for a long time.
4. The consumables should be checked regularly. If any abnormality is found, it should be repaired or replaced in time.
5. Air supply hoses should be pressure-resistant, with an oil-resistant inner surface and wear-resistant outer surface. The hose should be firmly fixed on the joint. And should be used away from oil, hot surfaces, and chemicals.
6. Remove the water tank from the fog gun, clean its inside, and dry it with ventilation.
7. When the work is completed, the valve of the air supply pipeline should be closed in time, the machine tool should be cleaned, and the air pipe should be turned back into place.
8. The exhaust pipe mouth and the dust exhaust port should be well packaged to prevent moist air from entering the engine body and damaging the start of the engine.

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