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Anchor Drilling Rig

Anchor drilling rig for sale is mainly used for anchoring operations on landslides and dangerous rock masses, in order to prevent and control various geological disasters. An anchor drilling rig is also suitable for the construction of deep foundation pit support, reinforcement hole for anti-float anchor and foundation grouting, blast-hole in blasting project, high-pressure sprinkling stake, and tunnel pipe support hole, etc.

  • Model: YG- 150T
  • Bore  Diameter: Φ090-150mm
  • Drilling Depth: 30m
  • Traveling Speed: 2.5h
  • Climbing Ability: 30°
  • Diesel Engine: 56kw/2200rpm
  • Power Head Output Torque: 3200N.m
  • Power Head Output Rotate Speed: 60-120rpm
  • Propeller Compensation Length: 900mm
  • Propeller Propulsion Force: 15KN
  • Propeller Lifting Force: 20KN
  • Dimension: 6350*2210*2650mm
  • Weight: 5.2t

Advantage of Anchor Drilling Rig

Hydraulic crawler drilling machine can be easily operated, change the powerhead slightly for meeting the requirements in all directions. In the pore-forming construction practice for various formations and different drilling methods, anchor drilling rig has been applying widely, its excellent performance has been recognized by the majority of construction units.

Importance of Rock Anchoring

In order to prevent the rock avalanche and landslide in the dangerous rock area, some emergency measures must be taken. Rock anchoring with its reinforcing effect is one of the measures to control perilous rock. Drilling technology with a casing of anchor drilling rig is designed to solve the problem that complex rock layers cannot be holed. Drill bit impacts rock continuously, and the broken rock is blown to the ground by the air pressure discharged from the gap between the casing and the drill pipe. The drill pipe and bit can be lifted after punching the hole, and the casing is placed in the middle of the rock layer so that the rock layer doesn’t collapse.

Split Type Anchor Drill


Model YGMG-40 YGMG-50
Motor type Electric-Hydraulic Full Hydraulic
Voltage 420V/380V/240V/220V (optional)
Power 7.5kw
Drilling Object Rock / Soil Rock / Soil
Drilling Diameter 90-180mm 90-165mm
Drilling Depth 10-60m 25-70m
Drilling Hole Angle 0-90 degree 0-90 degree
Output Rotary Speed 90rpm 70rpm
Rated Output 2400N.m 2500N.m
Power Head Max. Stroke 1800mm 1800mm
Max. Lifting Force 25KN 30KN
Power Head Feeding Force 20KN 25KN
Hydraulic Pump Station Pressure 16Mpa 17-18Mpa
Rotary Power 7.5kw 18.5kw
Hydraulic Pump Station Dimension 640*600*580mm 1850*780*1360mm
Dimension 2800*800*1400mm 3000*780*1360mm
Weight 1000kg 1260kg

Features of Crawler Drill Machine

  1. It has a compact structure, energy-saving, and high efficiency, low noise, environmental protection.
  2. Adopts low speed and high torque motor to make the performance stable, reliable, and has a long life.
  3. It has a wide range of applications, a high penetration rate, and drilling efficiency.
  4. The powerhead and the guide rail are connected by a new type of wear plate, and the guide rail wears little.
  5. Angle range is large, multifunctional design makes drilling positioning convenient and reliable.
  6. Adopts full hydraulic control, the operation is easy and flexible, and the maintenance is time-saving and labor-saving.
  7. The output speed of the powerhead is infinitely variable speed, can be changed according to different construction requirements and geological conditions to achieve the best drilling efficiency.
  8. Drilling tools involve the transmission of impact force from the outside to the inside, it is not easy to happen the drill sticking accidents.
  9. Hydraulic clamp and wrench device reduces the assistant time and works intensity greatly.
  10. Different drilling tools can suit for different engineering with different modules, users can configure according to needs.
  11. Drilling hole and jet grouting can be completed at one time while drilling in some soft soil strata.
  12. By adjusting the walking speed of the crawler chassis through the control handle, the whole machine can realize convenient movement, turning, climbing, walking.

How to Maintain Hydraulic System of Drilling Rig?

The hydraulic fluid of drill rig should meet the following requirements: must not contain steam, air, and other vaporized impurities; good lubricating properties, high liquid film strength; high chemical stability; good viscosity performance.

1. Oil contamination is a major cause of hydraulic failure.

Contaminants can accelerate the wear of hydraulic parts or cause valve malfunction or noise. Contaminants can block the orifice of the hydraulic component, changing the working performance of the hydraulic system, causing the malfunction or even complete failure. Dust particles in the hydraulic cylinder will accelerate the damage of the seal, it may also cause the filter to be clogged, the hydraulic pump is difficult to absorb oil, and the oil return is not smooth, resulting in cavitation, vibration, and noise. When the blockage is serious, the filter will be broken due to excessive resistance, completely losing the filtering effect.

2. Measures should be taken to prevent oil pollution.

  1. The fuel tank should be kept clean and sealed with a cover.
  2. The oil in the fuel tank should be replaced regularly, and it should be changed after 1000 hours of work.
  3. When filling the oil, it should pass through the filter of 120 mesh or more.
  4. Check and clean the filter.
  5. Regularly clean the hydraulic components with kerosene and dredge the pipeline.
  6. Regularly check the pipe joints and seals between the piping and components.

3. Air entering the hydraulic system can cause a system failure.

The possibility of air entering the hydraulic system is small, but the compressibility of the low-pressure air is very large. Even if the hydraulic system contains a small amount of air, its influence is large and will cause system malfunction. When the gasification in the oil is severely pressurized, a large amount of heat is released, causing local overheating and damaging the hydraulic components and hydraulic oil. A large number of air bubbles will reduce the service life of the oil, and aggravate component wear. Therefore, checking the oil level is so important.

YG Drilling Rig for Sale

YG drilling rigs mainly including anchor drilling rigDTH drilling rigwater well drill rigcore drill rig according to its application. If you need a drilling rig for your great project, YG machinery can provide superior products and services.


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