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Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine

Road cracks are a common disease. How can we solve the problem? Asphalt crack sealer machineblower, and road slot machine are the best choice for road crack maintenance. After grooving and cleaning the cracks, then the gun of asphalt grouting machine evenly fills the sealant into the grooves. So the asphalt filling machine can complete the repair work of road cracks. Asphalt crack sealer machine is also called asphalt crack filler machineasphalt grouting machine. YG asphalt filling machine can adapt to different situations and meet flexible and fast needs. YG Machinery is a manufacturer for combining production and independent innovation. We build our business foundation based on strict production standards and accurate detection procedures. The YG crack sealing machine has a long life and a competitive price. If you need to fill the crack, please feel free to contact us.


Parameter of Asphalt Crack Sealer Machine

Model YG-100 YG-200 YG-350
Filling Capacity 100L 200L 350L
Heating Time 30min 30-40min 30-40min
Temperature Range 0-200°C 0-200°C 0-230°C
Discharge Capacity 0-8 L/min 8L/min 0-30 L/min
Generator 2kw 2.8 KW 5kw
Dimensions 2000*1000*1300mm 2400*1400*1700mm 3500*1000*2000mm
Weight 400kg 860kg 1000kg

Features of Crack Filling Machine

  1.  Asphalt grouting machine has been practiced for many years, and the technology is relatively mature.
  2. After filling the crack, the crack is full of filling glue. The road surface becomes flat, and the effect is beautiful.
  3. After the construction of the asphalt sealing machine, the cracks are basically not deformed. And the filling glue has a certain elasticity, it can adapt to a different temperature, has a long life.
  4. The road crack maintenance machine has a reasonable design. The filling crack does not require complicated machinery and procedures, it is convenient for construction.
  5. In addition, the internal configuration of the asphalt filling machine is very good. It can ensure the speed of the molten material and the smooth discharge of the material.
  6. The asphalt crack filler has protective measures, so as to ensure the safety of the construction personnel.

Applications of Asphalt Grouting Machine

Asphalt grouting machine is suitable for repairing the cracks on the pavement. It can effectively block the infiltration of water and prevent the further development of the disease. This method is one of the effective methods for preventive maintenance of asphalt pavement. Through the prevention and treatment of pavement cracks, the life of the road becomes long, and the maintenance cost reduces to a certain extent. At present, asphalt filling machines have been widely used in high-grade highways, urban roads, airport runways, and other projects.

Working Principle of Asphalt Sealing Machine

The concrete joint sealing machine heats the heat-conducting oil through the burner. And the heat-conducting oil transfers heat to the material. All the power sources are generators. First, add asphalt or grouting glue in the hot melt kettle. Start the generator to supply power, turn on the heat transfer oil pump, burner, and discharge pipe heating switch in sequence. Adjust the automatic temperature control system, and keep the temperature the same as the material. The burner automatically heats the heat transfer oil in the melting box. The dissolving time is about 30-40 minutes. After the material has melted, and the temperature of the discharge tube has reached, then the gun of asphalt grouting machine evenly fills the sealant into the grooves. The discharge flow of the asphalt pump is adjustable. Add materials at any time during the work process, so as to ensure work continuity.

Structures of Asphalt Filling Machine

Asphalt filling machine generally consists of 6 parts: power system, feeding system, heating system, temperature control system, mixing system, and discharging system.

1.Power system:

Diesel engine adopts a Honda generator set, which can ensure sufficient power to provide equipment.

2.Feeding system:

Hot melt kettle is suitable for large-area grouting construction. It equips with a safety valve for full circulation. So heating is faster and more uniform, and it has an automatic insulation function.

3.Heating system:

The burner adopts the Italy RIELLO 44T1 diesel burner. It locates at the bottom of the hot melt kettle. The flame does not directly contact the tank wall, which reduces the erosion of the tank. Therefore, the joint sealant melts faster, avoiding the aging of the sealing material.

4.Temperature control system:

The temperature control system adopts the all-digital temperature control system. The temperature of the heat-conducting oil, the sealing material, and the feed pipe displays on digital LCD. The control switch and temperature settings locate on a control panel.

5.Stirring system:

It adopts an integrated agitator, which can rotate in both directions. It can ensure that the stirring is very uniform, and not cause stratification in the sealing tank. The driving method is hydraulic driving, with two horizontal blades and axial auger.

6.Discharge system:

The discharge pipe adopts an electric heating hose and has an advanced electric heating thermostat. Discharging is controlled by a switch, which is easy to operate, safe, and reliable.

Selection of Crack Filling Time

When using an asphalt crack sealer machine to repair cracks, the choice of time plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the grouting. The temperature is lower in winter, it is generally not suitable for filling and jointing operations. Cracks are one of the early diseases of the pavement. As the water seeps down to the middle and lower layers along the cracks, the roadbed is seriously damaged. In order to prevent the rain from intensifying the erosion of cracks, it is important to repair the cracks in advance before the summer rainy season. In spring and autumn, the climate is generally dry, cracks become clean, and dry easily. How to deal with cracks effectively? Therefore, the spring and autumn season is a good season for filling cracks.

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