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Cement Floor Grinder

Cement floor grinder is used for grinding several types of floors, such as concrete, cement, terrazzo, epoxy floor. Floor grinder machines also can refurbish and polish concrete floors with special grinding discs. The multi-purpose concrete grinding and polishing machine is the ideal equipment for floor treatment. It has the advantages of light, flexible, and highly efficient. The concrete floor grinding machine equips with a socket, which can directly connect to the vacuum cleaner, and achieve a dust-free effect during work.

Parameter of Concrete Floor Grinder

Model YG-350 YG-400
Power 4kw 4kw
Vacuum Motor Power 0.75kw 0.75kw
Voltage 380v 380v
Grinding Diameter 350mm 400mm
Grinding Disc Number 3 piece 5 piece
Capability 30-50㎡/h 40-80㎡/h
Dimension 1100*500*1050mm 1100*500*1050mm
Weight 130kg 140kg

Features of Cement Floor Grinder

  1. Multi-purpose: Concrete floor grinding machine can be used for concrete floor grinding, old epoxy removal, paint treatment, steel plate rust removal, epoxy floor grinding.
  2. Environmental protection: The built-in vacuum cleaner can achieve a dust-free construction environment.
  3. Strong self-adaptability: According to the different flatness of the ground, the floating design can handle the high and low ground. Depending on the strength of the ground, we use different diamond cutters.
  4. Convenient: Small size and easy operation. Not limited by the size of the construction site, there is no dead angle between the fuselage and the wall during construction.
  5. Reasonable design: The floor grinder machine adopts a low center of gravity design, which greatly improves the operating comfort and stability during high load construction. The adjustment handle can easily adjust the grinding depth, and the operation is stable and reliable.
  6. Safety: The cement floor grinder machine equips with leakage protector, it greatly improves the safety of operators. Overload electrical protection equipment effectively prevents the motor from overheating and damaging the machine.

Advantage of Grinding Floor

There are many coatings suitable for concrete floors, one of which is epoxy floor coating. Epoxy paint can provide a long-lasting coating, but the floor needs to properly grind before painting, so as to allow the coating to adhere firmly. If there is any previous coating on the floor, it needs to remove. There are two basic methods: pickling and grinding. Grinding is usually the most effective option. Grinding can open the holes in the concrete, which will help the epoxy floor coating firmly adhere to the floor.

How to Choose Concrete Polishing Tools?

1. Reliability: Reliability refers to the failure rate of mechanical equipment and the stability of operation.

2. Controllability: The controllability is whether the operation process of the floor grinder is stable and whether the labor intensity of the operator is appropriate.

3. Work efficiency: Work efficiency is an important indicator of the machinery, which is directly related to construction costs and profits.

4. Construction result: The construction result is whether the ground after polishing is better in flatness, glossiness, sharpness, and other aspects.

Floor construction will use the cement grinding machine this kind of mechanical equipment. If you want to polish a good floor, technology and experience are important. The choice of the machine is also important. Choosing YG machinery gives you the best machine. A simple operation can achieve the desired effect.

How to Solve the Faults of Diamond Floor Grinders?

The use of a concrete grinding machine is essential for floor grinding. However, if the floor grinder and polisher machine fail during construction. It will not only affect the progress of the entire project but also affect the quality and overall effect of the floor. Therefore, as construction workers, we must understand the common faults and solutions of floor grinding machines in construction.

1. The floor grinder stops suddenly during running.

In this case, first, check whether the power supply and the machine’s wire interface are normal. If the power is normal, you need to check whether the motor is intact.

If these are normal conditions, and the floor grinder still cannot run. Then you need to check if the voltage is too low to drive the machine because the wire is too long or the power cord core is too thin.

2. The grinding disc is uneven.

The unevenness of the grinding disc will cause the grinder to shake violently during operation, and the polished ground will also be uneven. The reason for this phenomenon is that the screw connected with disc appears loose.

The solution is to change the height of the grinding disc by adjusting the fixing screw. Make any three points on the millstone the same distance from the bottom.

3. Rubber pads are damaged.

The ground grinding machine appears violent shaking phenomenon in operation. The grinder hits harder items during work, which causes the rubber pad to break or deform. In addition, the oxidation of the rubber pad will also lead to inelasticity.

Therefore, it needs to replace new rubber pads. Under normal circumstances, the rubber pads are replaced once a year.

Floor Grinder for Sale Manufacturer

As a professional machinery manufacturer, YG floor grinding and polishing machines have been exported to many countries such as Russia, Korea, India, England, Malaysia, etc. The floor grinder price is very competitive, and the product quality can also be guaranteed. In addition to road grinding machines, YG company also provides other road machinery, such as road roller, road shot blasting machines, troweling machines, concrete scabbling machines.


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