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Concrete Laser Screed Machine

The Concrete Laser Screed Machine is a device that controls the leveling in real-time through a laser receiver, thereby achieving high precision and rapid leveling of concrete. There is a laser measurement and control system for real-time monitoring. As long as the laser transmitter is not disturbed, no matter where the leveler moves, it can ensure that the overall elevation of the paved ground is not affected.

Features of the Laser Screed Machine

It is especially suitable for construction projects with simple shapes, large effects, and high construction quality requirements. The equipment can be operated by a single person and is applied to the floor construction, making heavy manual labor to be paved, vibrated, leveled, slurried, and painted with machinery, which greatly reduces the number of operators and greatly reduces the labor intensity. It is divided into the hand-held type and vehicle-mounted type.


  1. Smart handle operation mode, the walking system is controlled by the handle, which makes the machine move freely and control flexibly, and a single person can operate the construction;
  2. The laser emitters are independently arranged to ensure that the ground elevation is consistent without error;
  3. Integrated leveling machine, multiple processes are integrated together to improve efficiency and save labor;
  4. The hourly construction area is over 250㎡, and the daily workload can be over 2500㎡, which improves the efficiency of labor operations.


Model YG-25-2 YG-25-4
Motor Power 3.0kw 220v 32.5kw 24.2hp
Oil Tank Volume 18L (Work 10h) 35L
Walking Speed 0-20m/min 0-55m/min
Vibration Motor Speed 4000rpm 4000rpm
Exciting Force 2000N 2000N
Vibrating Plate Width 2500mm 2500mm
Leveling Thickness 50-250mm 350mm
Laser Control System American Imported Danfoss
Laser Launcher System American Tianbao launcher
Laser Receiver System Switzerland Leica receive
Dimension 3220*2780*1172mm 3370*2890*1850mm
Weight 280kg 800kg

Scope of application:

Indoor floor: 1. The large-scale industrial workshop, workshop, automated three-dimensional warehouse. 2. Clean workshop floor of electronic appliances, food materials, medicine, and so on. 3. Large-scale warehousing supermarkets, logistics centers, exhibition centers, etc. Outdoor floor: 1. Wharf, container yard, 2. Airport runway, apron, parking lot, 3. Square, residential ground, municipal road, etc.


  1. Minimal flatness error: applied to large-area floor construction, the ground elevation is easy to control, and the ground flatness error is extremely small;
  2. Better ground integrity: applied to floor construction, it is very easy to achieve large-scale floor one-time integral paving, can be divided into blocks according to the need for continuous construction, continuous operation, making the ground integrity better;
  3. The ground is more dense and uniform: the concrete laser screed machine is always in the construction state of driving at a constant speed. With a high-frequency vibrator of 4000 times per minute, the leveling head vibration plate generates uniform high-frequency vibration to make the concrete ground more dense and uniform;
  4. High work efficiency: It can be operated by a single person and applied to the floor construction, making heavy manual labor to be paved, vibrated, leveled, slurried, and plastered by machinery, which reduces the labor intensity and improves the construction effect.
  5. Convenient post-maintenance: applied to large-area floor construction, while reducing construction joints, it can also effectively solve the problems of ground hollowing, shelling, cracking, and inequality, making it easy to maintain the floor later and reducing maintenance costs.

How to adjust the Laser Screed Machine?

concrete laser screed machine is indispensable machine equipment in the ground construction project. It not only has high speed, high working efficiency, but also high precision and small error. It saves your investment cost and can bring great profits, but there are many It is not clear how to debug the concrete laser leveler before work.

  1. When starting a continuous punching press, the screw must rotate clockwise to adjust the speed of the feeder, and the slider moves slightly so that you can see whether the slider hits the nylon washer and the length adjustment screw during reciprocating motion.
  2. Before connecting the power supply to the test, check whether the feeding direction is correct.
  3. If the speed of the punch is constant and the feed distance needs to be shortened from long to short, the lead screw should be guided first to reduce the falling distance of the floating rod, and then rotate the screw clockwise to adjust the speed so that the feed Match speed.
  4. Adjust the distance between the material rack and the concrete laser screed machine and feeder, and adjust the distance according to the speed of the punch and the length of the feeder. After leveling, the material should be able to enter the feeder and mold it smoothly.

In addition, during operation, attention must be paid to the machine balanced on the track. Before starting work, connect the power supply and enter the trial operation line. Generally, the concrete road is paved first to make the machine work more smoothly. In the course of pavement leveling, if the pavement material is too high, you can stop the machine first, and then continue to use the concrete laser screed machine after further pavement repair.

Manufacturer of Concrete Laser Screed Machine—YG Machinery

It is precise because of the advantages of a high degree of automation, high construction efficiency, high accuracy, excellent quality, simple operation, few construction personnel, low construction cost and other advantages of the Concrete Laser Screed MachineYG Machinery relies on its own professional technology and perfect after-sales service system, It has been well received by customers, and also produces and sells Power Trowel Machine, Crack Sealer Machine, Power Trowel Machine, and other mechanical equipment. If you have anything you want to know, you can leave your contact information, we will have dedicated sales manager will reply to you as soon as possible.


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