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Down the Hole Drilling Rig

Down the hole drilling rig is an impact rotary drilling rig. Its internal structure is different from that of a general rock drilling machine. The front end of the impactor directly connects to the drill bit, and the rear end links to the drill rod. During the rock drilling, the impactor dive into the hole, the reciprocating motion of the hammer strikes the shank, so that the drill bit produces a swirling force on the bottom of the hole.

Types of DTH Drill Rig

According to the walking mode, YG down-the-hole drilling rigs divides into a small-legged rig and large crawler type drilling rig. DTH drill rig is a new type of energy-saving and high-efficiency drill equipment. It is widely used in large-diameter hole drilling operations in mines and road construction, national defense, water conservancy, and stonework. It is also an indispensable rock drilling equipment for exploration in mine, especially for the rugged terrain where other drilling trucks cannot work properly.

Portable DTH Drilling Rig

Portable DTH drill rig is a hybrid machine, its power of the drill’s rotation is from the motor, the impact of the impactor comes from the compressed air. The motor converts the electric energy into the rotating torque and transfers to the reducer so that the drill rod connected to the output shaft rotates. Alloy teeth at the front end of the drill pipe continuously impact rock, and broken rock is ground into powder by the continuously rotating drill bit, discharged compressed air blows the powder to the ground.

Parameter of Portable DTH Drill Rig
Model YG-70 YG-100 YG-120
Drilling Diameter 50-90mm 90-130mm 90-130mm
Drilling Depth 15mm ≥25mm ≥40mm
Electric Motor Power 3KW 4KW 5.5KW
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Drilling Rod Outer Diameter 42mm 50-60mm 60mm
Drilling Rod Length 1025mm 1025mm 1025mm
Dimension 1740*260*420mm 2280*440*550mm 2230*380*550mm
Weight 280kg 470kg 480kg


  1. Small size, lightweight, convenient and flexible, suitable for places where large and medium-sized drilling rigs can’t work.
  2. Adopts electric energy as power, has low noise and strong power adapts to a variety of rock formations.
  3. The drilling speed is 3-8 times than the general rock drill, the operational rock hardness can reach 9, drilling depth per hour is 8-16 meters.
  4. Has a compact structure, convenient operation, fast work speed, high efficiency, detachable, and easy to carry.

Hydraulic Crawler Drill

Large-scale crawler rigs have been continuously tested in the market, upgraded and improved by the company’s technical team, work efficiency is steadily improved. The rig can realize medium-high wind pressure drilling operation, which has high-cost performance, it is popular in mines blasting, urban foundation pit construction, highway construction, hydropower, and other engineering projects.

Parameter of DTH Drill Rig
Model YG-C100 YG-C150 YG-C300
Drilling Diameter 90-130mm 90-200mm 90-250mm
Drilling Depth 30m 30m 30m
Lifting Force 18000N 28000N 20000N
Feeding Stroke 2000mm 3000mm 3700mm
Hydraulic System Pressure 14MPa 25MPa 31.5MPa
Dimension 4250*1980*2260mm 6500*2230*2380mm 7600*2350*2800mm
Weight 3200kg 5800kg 8000kg

Features of Large Crawler Rig

  1. Adopts portable drill rod rack, reduces the handling time and cost of workers.
  2. The console adopts integrated closed humanized design, avoids dust pollution of hydraulic components, reasonable layout, and convenient maintenance.
  3. The whole machine console moves forward by 80mm, which is suitable for single-person operation, which is convenient for observing the drilling progress.
  4. The complete set of sleeve roller chains and fixed pulleys are all driven by sprocket, which improves the practicality and durability.
  5. The drilling rig is equipped with a system pressure gauge, engine tachometer, oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and ammeter, the worker can check the fault point at any time.
  6. The powerhead part adopts a double cycloidal motor, which can switch 4 kinds of speed according to different rock layers, 60-170 rpm, and the turning torque reaches 3500NM at 60 pm.
  7. Traveling motor adopts the axial piston type coaxial motor, which has the same structure as the excavator, high torque, and long service life.
  8. The frame part is made of high-strength steel, the overall structure is strong and durable, has a strong off-road capability.
  9. Rail structure is designed to be thicker, the slide is made of solid square steel, which can withstand the strength of high wind pressure.
  10. The sliding part adopts the polymer nylon U-shaped slider, which is durable and wear-resistant, can protect the guide rail well.
  11. High-strength boom design and enlarged cylinders make the drilling process more stable.

How to Choose the Model of Crawler DTH Drill?

1. Applicable in Production

The purchased drilling rig should meet engineering construction needs. The buyer should fully consider the scope of application, not only the current construction needs but also take into account the future. Only highly applicable rigs can better show its investment results.

2. Advanced Technology

While meeting the production needs, it is required to maintain a certain advanced performance index, which is conducive to extending its technical life, in line with the sustainable development requirements of enterprises, and protecting investment more effectively.

3. Operational and Maintainability

The operation is simple, and it is convenient to master the operation skills for the workers, such as displacement of the rig, lifting and lowering, the replacement of the drill rod. When drilling machine maintenance is difficult, it guarantees technical support and after-sales service.

4. Importance of Air Compressor

After finishing the drilling, the grouting pump injects the cement slurry into the soil layer from the hollow drill rod, so that the void of the soil is full of the slurry and solidified. The air compressor supplies compressed air to the rig impactor, which drives the impactor piston to reciprocate, completes the impact drilling, and blows out the drilling slag. Therefore, while comparing the technical parameters of down the hole drilling rig, it is necessary to take into account the technical indicators and economics of the air compressor.


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