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I Beam Bending Machine

I beam bending machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for bending steel beam. Steel beam bending equipment is mainly used for arched rounding and angle bending of H steel, U steel, round steel, rail steel, and other section steels. So it is also called H beam bending machineU steel bender, section bending machineBeam bending machines are commonly used for supporting steel bending in various engineering constructions.

Parameter of Beam Bending Machine

Model YG-220 YG-250
Power 8.4kw 12kw
Voltage 380V / 50Hz 380V/ 50Hz
Material Specification Φ220mm Φ250mm
Rotation Speed 7 r/min 7 r/min
Min Bending Radius 2m 2m
Dimension 2500*1500*1200mm 2500*1500*1200mm
Weight 1800KG 2180KG

Features of CNC Bending Machine

U beam bender adopts digital display encoder programming, it can make the positioning of the hydraulic control system accurate. The bent steel can automatically form at one time, it has the advantages of high efficiency and convenient operation. Its main function is to properly bend and deform the workpiece without changing the internal stress of the steel. So that the steel beam has not only achieved the purpose of bending deformation but has not changed its mechanical properties. The CNC cold bending machine is simple in construction and easy to operate.

Main Structure

CNC H steel bending machine consists of six parts: base, mechanical transmission, cold bending system, hydraulic system, electrical control system, and auxiliary system. The hydraulic motor of the H-beam bender machine to drive the oil pump and start the hydraulic components. So that the active cylinder forward to achieve the required radius. Then the double motor drives the reducer to pull the steel beam advance. The forward and backward movement of the active cylinder can adjust the required radius, a repeated operation can achieve the desired arc.

Working Principle

During work, push the section steel for cold bending between the two driving rollers by the portal bracket of the auxiliary system. And then start the hydraulic system, the hydraulic cylinder pushes the dovetail groove and cold-roller to bend H-beam. When the desired arc reaches, close the hydraulic system, and open the mechanical transmission system. At this time, the active roller starts to rotate and drives the profile steel to move forward slowly and smoothly through friction. Thereby, it can achieve continuous cold bending operations.

How to Guarantee the Bending Quality of I-beam?

CNC beam bending equipment can guarantee the bending quality of steel beam, we summarize the following points.

  • Make sure that the calculation of the neutral layer in the deformation zone is accurate, and maintain good symmetry of roller processing.
  • The non-deformation area of the I-beam bending machine is no pressure (such as the bottom of the slide rail). The gap between the upper and lower rollers must be consistent.
  • Before feeding the material, set the boot ramp according to the rolling state of the front channel. Before stable compression, the material can slide smoothly in the roller.
  • The accuracy of the roller machining is the key. For this purpose, a special tool is specially made under the projector, so as to magnify 20 times for detection.
  • The main drive of the beam cold bending machine adopts roller cone bearings. It can ensure that the spindle’s radial runout is within 0.04mm. So that the I-beam cold-bending machine spindle will not move left and right.

Safety Operation of Steel Bending Machine

  1. Strictly abide by the safety operation regulations, and wear protective equipment according to regulations.
  2. Clean and wipe the upper and lower molds before starting.
  3. Check if there is any foreign matter on the material holding rack, material blocking rack, and slider. If there is any foreign matter, clean it up.
  4. According to the thickness of the steel beam, choose an appropriate die mouth. The size of the die mouth is generally equal to or greater than 8 times the steel thickness.
  5. Figure out the bending force of the workpiece according to the calculation formula. The bending force of the workpiece must not be greater than 1000KN.
  6. When bending the I beam, the working pressure of the system should be appropriately reduced to avoid damaging the mold.
  7. When adjusting the stroke of the slider, make sure that the adjustment is less than 100, so as not to damage the machine.

Beam Bending Machine Manufacturer – YG Machinery

YG I steel bending machine for sale is new equipment for processing and supporting steel arch frames. The steel beam can form automatically at one time, the bending machine has the advantages of accurate and fast operation, smooth arc, small distortion. It is widely used in construction sites, such as construction, railway construction, highway construction, bridge construction, and large factory buildings. The CNC steel bending machine can process various types of steel. Therefore, the YG beam bending machine will be necessary equipment for each construction site.


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