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Thermoplastic Marking Machine

Thermoplastic marking machine is a highly automated special-purpose equipment for traffic marking, it can spray different restriction lines on the ground of highway, parking, square and other roads. The road marking machine has played an important role in urban planning and road construction with its advantages of fastness, efficiency, and accuracy, it has saved the construction period and economic investment of the road construction to the maximum extent.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine Types



  • Model: YG – 380
    Capacity: 100kg
    Glass Beads Container: 10kg
    Marking Thickness: 1-2.5mm
    Heating Temperature: 180-210℃
    Marking Width: 100/150/200/250/300/400/450 mm
    Dimension (L*W*H): 1200mm*900mm*950mm
    Weight: 100kg

Hand-push Thermoplastic Painting Machine

The advanced hand-push thermoplastic marking machine consists of nine parts: tainless steel insulated heating bucket, clutch actuator, trunk, rear wheel locator, glass bead box, coating bucket, heating system and walking system. The main components of hot-melt marking paints are: synthetic resin, glass beads, coloring pigments, additives, etc. The thermal plasticity of synthetic resin makes the hot melt coating have fast drying property, and makes the marking line stick firmly to the road. Additives can increase the plasticity of the coating, the coating has anti-settling, anti-pollution, and anti-discoloration.


  • Model: YG – 360
    Capacity: 100kg
    Glass Beads Container: 10kg
    Marking Thickness: 1-2.5mm
    Heating Temperature: 180-210℃
    Marking Width: 100/150/200/250/300/400/450 mm
    Dimension (L*W*H): 1250mm*900mm*950mm
    Weight: 110kg

Multifunction Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine

There are some types of thermoplastic marking machines need to be used together with the hot melt kettle, and it is necessary to perform the scribing treatment after the paint is melted. However, YG-180 Road Marking Machine is the ideal equipment in marking construction, it can mark line independently without hot melt kettle. Pour some of the paint into the hot melt kettle for heating and melting. When the temperature of the paint reaches 180-200℃, start the mixer to stir, and add new paint in a fluid state continuously. When the temperature of the paint in the kettle reaches 190-210℃, the liquid paint flows to the marking machine through the discharge port.


  • Model: YG – 180
    Capacity: 100kg
    Adjustable Width: 50mm-200mm
    Temperature: 180-230℃
    Marking Width: 50/100/150/200/250/350/400/450 mm
    Marking Thickness: 1-2.5mm
    Driver Speed 1.5km/h
    Dimension: 1300mm*900mm*1050mm
    Weight: 150kg

Vibration Convex Line Marking Machine

Vibration convex line marking machine is suitable for convex marking. The machine uses latest German intelligent program controller and user-friendly control panel, has perfect variable speed walking system. The convex marking has stronger deformation resistance, abrasion resistance and shock resistance. The mark lines guarantee the security of drivers and provide compulsory deceleration and anti-slippery.


  • Model:  YG Vibration Line Marking Machine
    Container Capacity: 120kg (60L)
    Glass Beads Container: 10kg
    Convex Height: 3-5mm (adjustable)
    Marking Width: 50/100/150/200/250/350/400/450 mm
    Dimension: 1360mm*900mm*1100mm
    Weight: 265kg

Features of Thermoplastic Marking Machine

  1. Themachine is light, compact, and has beautiful appearanc
  2. Lifting handle design, easy to use, operator can adjust as needed.
  3. Glass beads spread out automatically.
  4. The detachable design of the heat preservation heating barrel, reasonable mixing shaft design solves the stored mixing materials.
  5. Adjustable pointers increase productivity.
  6. The coating bucket is made of a high-precision steel plate, which is resistant to high temperature, corrosion, deformation, has fast heating speed.
  7. The wheels are made of cast iron and imported rubber, which is lightweight, strong, and durable.

Notes for Operation of Thermoplastic Marking Machine

If you do not pay attention to the following items, it may cause accidents on the road marking machine, reducing work efficiency and delaying the construction period.

  1. The pavement of the marking line should be clean and dry, without loose particles, dust, asphalt, oil, or other harmful substances.
  2. The spraying work should be carried out during sunny days, and it should stop in case of inclement weather.
  3. Put the paint into the heat preservation during the machine working. In order to keep the material flowing, and the liquid paint can be introduced into the marking bucket easily.
  4. Place the scribing bucket on the road surface. Because there is a certain gap between the bucket and ground, when the machine moves straight ahead, paint automatically flows out to form a neat line. The marking lines are straight, smooth, even, and beautiful.

How to Solve the Common Problems of Road Marking Machine?

1. Spraying gun of marking machine get blocked.

This situation is more common, we should pay attention to the cleaning of the spray gun. If the marking machine has a problem with the gun blockage, we can remove the nozzle of the spray gun, soak with thinned material for 3 minutes and clean with a brush. If this way can’t solve the blockage problem, you should release the material inside, and then spray the thinner out with a spray gun.

2. Mark’s line is not straight.

If this problem occurs, loosen the fixing screw on the orienter and push the machine 5 meters without any difficulty. When you feel it is straight, tighten the two fixing screws a little and try again.

3. The length of the line is not the same.

  • Check if encoder connection, line type control cable, line type circuit board, PLC connection line is intact. If there is a problem, it should be repaired or replaced.
  • Check if the controller’s line is intact. If it is not connected properly, reconnect it. If the line is damaged, replace the line.
  • Check if the spray gun is closed smoothly, whether the needle gap is adjusted, and the clearance is 3 to 4 mm.

Road Marking Machine Manufacturer

The automatic road marking machine in YG company uses a specially manufactured high-precision cast iron marking equipment to ensure that the marking line is neat, uniform and beautiful. The machine has the advantages of high performance, innovative tech, proven quality, very fuel-efficient, easy operation, and maintenance. There are many kinds of road marking machines, you should choose the right machine carefully for your pavement.


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